V2 E Cigs and Vapor Couture for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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In promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month V2 electronic cigarettes and Vapor Couture electronic cigarette products are doing special giveaways for anyone spending $50 or more on any single purchase order.

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you’ve been thinking about purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit or getting a set up of new ecig batteries, pack(s) of refill cartomizer cartridges, or accessories you may want to see what V2 and Vapor Couture have in store.

V2 E Cigs and Vapor Couture for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By spending $50 or more on any single order you get these special breast cancer awareness gifts just for making your purchase:

V2 Cigs is giving away a free pink E Cig Lanyard

Vapor Couture is giving away a Vapour Couture pink bracelet with charm

Now why go with either brands other than to support breast cancer awareness?  V2 is one of the #1 consumer rated brands and voted #1 e cigarette brand by Alexa.com – Both V2 Ecigs and Vapor Couture have a leading reputation of both having excellent quality products at extremely low prices.

Vapor Couture brand of e cigarettes are primarily feminine in design so there products are great if you are female or are getting an e cigarette starter kit for the woman in your life.  Their vapor cigarettes are smaller in design and come in a variety of very cool styles.  They created vapor couture with the sophisticated, decorated woman in mind. 

Check out Vapor Couture for yourself!

Vapor Couture supports Breast Cancer Awareness month!

V2 is the standard in vaping.  Voted number one by Alexa.com in customer satisfaction, V2 has been setting the bar in the e cigarette industry.  If you look at any e cigarette reviews or forums you will see that V2 e cigs are high performance given at a price anyone can afford. 

See the V2 Products Here

V2 Cigs - Your Life.  Version 2.0

Both V2 and Vapour Couture have a large lineup of products, e cigarette flavors and some extremely cool e cigarette starter packs.  V2 has also recently did a permenant reduction of all their prices which makes them a great choice if you are looking to get much more for your money.  While Vapor Couture is slightly more expensive, they are extremely fashionable, high quality vapor cigarettes.  We haven’t done a formal review of Vapor Couture yet to show you, but we highly encourage you to check out their site and see the their fancy product lineup.

The V2 lanyard and Vapor Couture pink bracelet with charm will be given away to anyone spending $50 or more on either e cigarette brand products.

You were interested in getting an e cigarette starter kit anyways right?  Pick and choose the electronic cigarette starter pack or products that are right for you and get the very most out of your electronic cigarette experience, make the switch from regular cigarettes and support breast cancer awarness at the same time!

Check out both here:

V2 E Cigarettes   |   Vapor Couture

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