Premium E Cigarettes Offering Holiday Coupon Codes on Starter Kits and Accessories

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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

Premium Vapor, a highly recognized e cigarette retailer of Kr808d-1 electronic cigarettes (and now eGo style) is offering one sale with Coupon Code, and you’ll get it here first!  These super Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber-Monday sales are really HUGE!

Visit us on those days and use our link to get some seriously huge (And I mean HUGE) deals on e-cigarette starter kits AND accessories throughout Thanksgiving weekend!

Premium electronic cigarettes coupon codes

So what is the deal for Premium Vapes electronic cigarettes on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber-Monday?  Check these out:

Thankgiving:  15% Off Site-wide sale – Everything 15% off!  Use coupon code: thanks15

Black Friday:  All eCigarette starter kits are buy one get one FREE! – No coupon code needed

Cyber Monday:  -Starter kits are 50% off -All Batteries are 25% off -All Cartomizers are 15% off  – Use coupon codes:  (cyber50 – 50% off all starter kits), (cyber25 – 25% off all batteries), (cyber15 – 15% off of cartomizers)

 Check out Premium Vapes Starter Kits Here

Remember to save this page to your favorites to keep those discount promo codes and our special link handy during this sale!  Electronic cigarettes make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer and these prices are outrageously low, especially since they are already reduced (Premium is a higher end brand of ecig and is usually on the expensive end when it comes to there vapor cigarette starter kits).

Premium Vapes ecigarette Black Friday Sale

Now we really love Premium Vapes, but we usually don’t promote them as much because their starter kits are usually more expensive (although quite, QUITE nice.)  They recently reduced all their prices and on top of that added these killer coupon code sales which is quite a rarity for them.

They have also recently added their new ego model ecigarette which is extremely cool and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles  below is their basic eGo eCigarette starter kit:

Premium e cigarette starter kit Ego ecigarette

Now if you are wanting a little bit more of a sleek low-profile and artistic style, Premium Vapes also has some really cool e-cigarette designs that are sure to please.  They have a whole multitude of styles and colors.  Here is an example below:

 Premium e cigarette

Premium also offers free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.  Did you know that Premium eCigarettes are Kr808d-1 compatible?  That means that the batteries, chargers and cartomizers (aka refill cartridges) are compatible with your Cig2o batteries and cartomizers as well as your V2 Cigs batteries and cartomizers (other than their eGo series).  So if you have these vaping products, Premium Vapes are fully compatible.

So are these the only specials going on this Holiday Season?

Of course not…

If you are looking for the best brands this Holiday Season there are a multitude of eCig brands to buy at a discount.  Our favorite right now is the V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon we are currently featuring on this site as an EXCLUSIVE offer to our visitors but in addition there are a wide range of coupons and sales happening all winter long.

Check out the latest e cigarette coupon codes list on our blog (which we are always updating) or check out our E Cigarette Coupon Code page to find the seasons best e cigarette sales online.

We also wanted to mention that we’ve been trying out this new eCigarette company Vaping Vamps, an electronic cigarette company that is designed with women in mind, and will be providing a full review pretty soon.  But without going in to a full review we just want to let you know that we give them a HUGE stamp of approval!  This company is completely awesome and some of their proceeds go to a charitable organization that helps struggling women get back on their feet.  I will let the cat out of the bag and say that the flavors and the quality of their ecigs are just amazing!  We suggest both the teaberry and mango flavor refill cartridges!

Use the coupon code “Vamp5” to get $5 off their starter kits!  Visit Vaping Vamps here and tell them VEC sent ya!

So this holiday season we are providing you with discounts for Premium, Envy, V2Cigs, Cig2o, SmokeTip, Smoke Stik and last but not least Vaping Vamps (we highly encourage you to check them out and visit them on facebook too!)

We really want you to get the best deals out there on electronic cigarette products and we will continue to post new special deals whenever they arise.  We strive only to provide you with only the best premium e-cigarette companies out there and keep our finger on the vaping pulse to make sure of this.  So check back for more coupon codes and discount promo codes on the best brands available.

So save money and vape away the winter blues! – Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin

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V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

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