Cyber Monday Deals on Vapor Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits and More

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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

As you know, today is Cyber Monday and we would not leave you hanging on all the great deals on eCigarettes.  If you’ve been wanting a vapor e cigarette starter kit, now is your time to buy!  Listed below are the best deals we could find online and we hope you take FULL advantage of them during these awesome sales!


Cyber Monday Electronic Cigarette Deals

V2 Cigs – V2Cigs is offering 25% off storewide on everything from e cigarette starter kits to refill cartomizers and more!  Get all the V2 accessories you could ever want and need and save an entire 25%  – Remeber, use coupon code: vaporecig15 for an additional 15% off all e cigarette starter kits!

 Vapor Couture – Vapor Couture is also giving out their 25% on all electronic cigarette starter kits and supplies!  Again, use coupon code vaporecig15 for 15% off all starter kits!  The sale includes everything from e-cigs to accessories.

Premium Vapor Premium Vapor Ecigs are providing a BOGO (buy one get one offer) on all vapor cigarette starter kits.  In addition, Premium Vapor is also giving 25% off eCig batteries, and 15% off cartomizers.

Vapage – Vapage is also doing the BOGO offer with their premium eCigarette starter kits!  From their regular kr808d-1 starter kits to their eGo style “Titan Vpro” models and their V-mod model e-cigarettes.  This is an awesome deal!

South Beach Smoke – South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes are giving a huge 40% discount site-wide!  This means you get everything on their site at a whopping 40% Off!

SmokeStik – SmokeStik is offering 100 cartomizers for only $199!  In addition they are featuring their exclusive holiday ecigarette the MaxxQ starter kit – Its worth checking out!

SmokeTip – SmokeTip is offering a BOGO deal on their apor electronic cigarette starter kits which was already at a super low price.

Envy Eicgs – Envy is also doing the buy-one-get-one on a variety of products including a starter kit saving you $200!

Vaping Vamps – Vaping Vamps is offering a $5 discount on their vapor cigarette starter kits  if you visit them on facebook at


Green Smoke – Green Smoke is doing a 30% site-wide sale on starter packs and accessories

That’s all we have for you at the moment in the world of ecig deals on Cyber Monday.  Keep posted as we will continue to update this page as we find more awesome coupons and holiday sales!

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