Coupon Code for SmokeStik eCigarette Starter Kits, Cartomizers and Accessories

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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

That’s right!  If you are interested in getting an electronic cigarette or “e cigarette” for the Holidays, SmokeStik electronic cigarettes are providing a coupon code with your name on it.

If you haven’t heard of SmokeStik before (which if you read up on electronic cigarettes I am sure you have.)  SmokeStik is one of the leading manufacturers on e-cigarettes and are assembled and packaged in the U.S. – One of the few in fact that do.  Smoke Stik has warehouses located in the United States, Canada and the U.K.

SmokeStik eCigarette Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

One of the coolest things about SmokeStik other than their overwhelming popularity in the vapor world, Smokestick offers some really cool electronic cigarette starter kits that are unmatched in quality, price and  are also very attractive-looking as far as ecigs are concerned.  We will show you their limited edition starter kit but first we’d like to provide you with a special discount promotional coupon code for Smokestik so you can save on every order.

SmokeStik Coupon Code for Starter Kits & Accessories

 Step 1:  Use this special offer link:   SmokeStik eCigarette Coupon Code

Step 2:  At checkout use the special promotion code to save money:   CJ

Now remember to use the link above AND coupon code to get this special offer!

So I wanted to talk to you about a particular limited edition electronic cigarette starter kit that SmokeStik is offering just for the holidays.  It’s called the MaxxQ Starter Kit…

The MaxxQ E Cigarette Starter Kit from SmokeStik

SmokeStik e cigarette Starter Kit limited edition

This vapor cigarette starter kit comes with everything you could want to start vaping away.  With an elegant design, this beautiful ecig starter pack will look a whole lot better in your hand than a lit cigarette, am I right?

This particular package comes with an array of parts including:  2 Black Enamel 250mAh extended life Lithium Ion batteries with ruby red jewel, 3 black cartomizers (one medium, one high and one menthol), 1 usb charger/cable, 1 A/C adapter, 1 car charger, 1 XL sleek black carrying case and e cigarette manual.

Smoke Stick cartomizers come in an array of flavors and strengths as well including (but not limited to) tabacco flavor cartomizers, menthol flavor cartomizers, raspberry, cappuccino and vanilla flavored cartomizers which can also be purchased using the link and coupon code above.

They even provide an introductory kit that is cheaper, but we suggest just going for it and getting the full startup kit as it will save you time and money (And Smoke Stik comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a Lifetime warranty anyways, so you really don’t have anything to lose.)

Like many of the coupon codes we offer here at, we don’t know their expriration and they may be revoked at anytime without notice, so we urge you to take advantage of these special offers when they arise, because we may not be able to provide these same promotional offers again!

So here are the steps to get your discount coupon code for SmokeStik e cigarette starter kits and accessories like cartomizers and more:

SmokeStik Coupon Code

1.  Visit SmokeStik through this Special Offer Link

2.  Use the SmokeStik coupon code:  CJ

So what are other’s saying about this brand of vapor ecigs?  Here is a single testimonial we took from Smoke Stick about their products and services…

“Thanks Steve!

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I have smoked for over 30 years and thanks to Smoke Stik  I have quit. I know that this product was not meant to be a quitting type of product but it worked for me. I tried the patches, gum, mints and Chantix….none of them worked. I now use the non nicotine flavor and just the thoughts of having it in my hand and the “smoke” coming out,  I quit thanks to your product.


This is just one of vast amounts of real life testimonials given by people just like you and me on the power of ecigs and how they have been used to better peoples lives in a number of ways.  Ecigs are much less intrusive than regular cigarettes, they smell better, they won’t stain your teeth, they have no tar whatsoever, they don’t produce any second hand smoke and they won’t catch the house on fire if you fall asleep with them in your hand…. NUFF SAID!

Now most electronic cigarette companies will not openly advertise ecigs as a smoking cessation product because they are not yet approved by the FDA which is a long-standing battle and many claim it has to do more with money than anything, in fact many doctors are all for the idea of e-cigarettes, especially for those who have tried numerous smoking cessation methods to no avail.  Regular cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals in every cigarette, this is a disturbing number.  Many people make their own e-liquid (the stuff that goes in to the refill cartridges of electronic cigarettes) so they KNOW what goes inside them.  Here is a video featuring Dr. Michael Seigel about Electronic Cigarettes, The FDA and Health at Boston University.

It is also a plus to many that SmokeStik ecigs are assembled in the United States rather than being outsourced to China, like many other brands and you can expect the highest level of quality and satisfaction from them.

We hope you enjoy your special link and coupon code for Smoke Stick and take advantage of their great limited edition e cigarette starter kit, the MaxxQ!

– Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin (

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