Comonly Asked Questions About Ecigs aka Electronic Cigarettes

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If you are like most people new to the whole ecig thing (aka electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, e-cigs, water vapor cigarettes, etc.) then it is EXTREMELY likely you probably have a lot of questions regarding them before making the decision to commit to them.  This is completely reasonable and most definitely understandable.  In this post I’ll try to answer a few basic questions that are most commonly recieved at our site in regards to Electronic Cigarettes, Ecig Brands and other various questions.

Electronic Cigarette Questions Answered

What Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste Like?

This question is about the hardest to answer because of all the various brands and flavors available.  The better brands do taste and feel a lot like regular cigarettes without the nasty breathe or after-taste.  I prefer menthol flavors in ecigs myself.  But you can get everything from raspberry and banana flavors to chocolate and cigar flavors of ecigs.  Your options definitely open up in comparison to traditional tobacco.

Do ECigarettes Feel Like Regular Cigs?

Easy answer… YES DEFINITELY!  When you take a pull or drag from an ecig you get the same throat hit and relief (when craving nicotine) that you do from smoking regular everyday cigarettes.  In fact, i’ve found the satisfaction to be quite a bit better. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve ran across brands in the past I wouldn’t recommend even to a non-smoker.  Generally speaking… better-brands = better satisfaction.  We created this site specifically for the purpose of helping people find great brands without the guess work.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Smell Like Anything?

Speaking in terms of a foul odor… absolutely not.  They sometimes can have a scent to them like the flavor you are using, but i’ve never met a soul who thought this odor was at all in any form “bad”.  In most cases what little smell comes from them is quite pleasant and will not make your breathe, clothes, furniture or car smell any different. Ecigs do not produce smoke so they won’t infuse anything with an odor.

 Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe or Better For You?

Ah yes, the elusive question.  You may find a lot of controversy on this answer and for a multititude of reasons.  First off, the FDA prohibits those selling electronic cigarettes to market them as “safer” even though many e-cigarette companies questions the intent of the FDA’s response to this. So to keep ourselves safe, I will tell you my personal experience and facts to let you decide on your own.

First off, ecigs do not produce carbon monoxide, the main cancer causing ingredient in tobacco cigarettes.  In addition electronic cigarettes also have a significantly lower amount of chemicals considered to be “bad for you” in them than traditional tobacco.  They do not produce second hand smoke or any smoke at all because they do not burn anything, only vaporize.  Something to take into consideration also is that large pharmecuetical companies and tobacco companies have A LOT to lose by the invention of vapor cigarettes.

Personally speaking for myself, I have noticed a great improvement in my health.  I don’t have smokers cough anymore. I have much more energy.  My teeth and fingers are no longer stained.  I smell better, my breathe smells better.  I am not at risk from burning the house down from a lit cig anymore. Socially and physically speaking ecigs have improved my life in comparison to my previous tobacco usage.  It has also significantly improved the thickness of my wallet!

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