Cig2o Reviews – Review of Cig20 Electronic Cigarettes

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Probably one of the most available electronic cigarettes at least in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, California U.S.A.), Cig2O is by far one of the top names in e cigarettes.  Using the kr808d-1 style threading, Cig2O is a versatile e cig, but what about quality and price?   Provided for you is our Cig2O review.  In addition, please comment with your own Cig2O reviews at the bottom of the page, but please, SPAM will not be tolerated.

Cig2o Reviews – Review of Cig20 Electronic Cigarettes

Labeled as one of the easiest to switch to from regular cigarettes, the Cig2O electronic cigarette or “e cigarette” is extremely versatile, extremely thick vapor and combines quality with price to create an awesome solution to vaping (or using vapor electronic cigarettes).

Electronic Cigarete Startup Kit Cig20 - Cig2o Review

The Cig2O Starter Kits (or atleast the full sized Cig2O starter kits) come with 2 e cigarette batteries, a full pack of Cig2o cartomizers (refill cartridges) and a starter cartomizer.  The starter pack also comes with a usb charger, plug in adapter, manual, box and warranty card.  Cig2O products come with a 1 year limited manufactures warranty and is guaranteed to work for 1 year after purchase.  This applies to all Cig20 products (not including the cartomizers) but does cover the battery and charging systems.

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  • Easy to switch to from traditional cigarettes
  • Flavors taste extremely good
  • 2 peice system (kr808d-1)
  • Great thick vapor and fantastic throat hit when dragging
  • Awesome starter kit (can also purchase smaller starter pack for cheap)
  • Available at many tabacco / head shops – Not reliant on just buying online as much.
  • Many cartomizer flavors available
  • Multitude of available accessories, battery colors, etc.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Battery life per charge is so-so
  • Batteries can go dead and stop working completely (rare)

In dealing with the disadvantages I’d suggest these options:

  1. Always have a backup e cigarette battery or disposable e cigarette available.
  2. Buy an extended life e cigarette battery so you get more battery per charge.
  3. Get an Extended Life battery from V2 – Known for having great batteries and compatible with ALL Cig2O products.

A nice feature of Cig2O is that it is compatible with a large number of e cigarette companies and brands such as V2,  Premium, Vapage, Smoketip and many others that use the exact KR808D-1 connection.

Another reason why I am giving Cig2O my thumbs up is that it is one of the first brands I used that really turned me on to vapor cigarettes, and I still use them today!


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As you may know, our website does many reviews, but we only put our 5-star reviews on our blog!  Cig20 made the cut in being one of the best brands in electronic vapor cigarette companies available. 

 If you haven’t done so, and are considering your options, please check out our Vapor Electronic Cigarette Reviews page with a full lineup of e cigarette companies to choose from. 

With such a variety of e cig brands to go from, it can get a little frustrating, but we HIGHLY recommend Cig20 as a brand worth looking in to.  We would never recommend anything on our blog that we did not feel is not up to par, and Cig2O continually impresses us with a great product and a spectacular lineup of accessories – which are compatible with other e cig brands.

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