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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

Envy electronic cigarettes makes one of the most affordable e cig starter kits available.  Now you can get Envy eCigarette starter kits at a ridiculously low price with the following Envy coupon code and link!

Envy eCigarette Starter Kits with Coupon CodeIf you haven’t heard of Envy eCigarettes before, they are one of the most competitively priced electronic cigarettes on the market today with starter kits as low as $20 a kit.  Envy also is part of TVECA (Tabacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association) and has made a name for themselves with their highly sought after Envy Joye Tech Ego electronic cigarette kit. which gives you the Ego electronic cigarette at a price you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

In addition to having the best prices in vapor cigarettes, Envy electronic cigarettes also has recently introduced a much wider selection and some particularly cool holiday deals you won’t want to miss out on!  As you know we absolutely are crazy about giving our readers eCigarette coupon codes and this one is going to get some attention.  The Envy electronic cigarette coupon code we are going to provide is good on their whole line of ecigs with a huge 20% Off promotional discount!

So with thtat being said lets not waste any time!  To get 20% Off with promo code follow these simple steps…

1.  Jot down the envy ecig coupon code: EnvyME

2.  Use this special link and submit code in your shopping cart:  Envy Discount Link

– Enjoy!!

Want EVEN MORE E-Cigarette Coupon Codes and Discounts?

We are always absolutely thrilled to give our visitors some bangin’ deals on a wide-variety of vapor cigarette products you know and love.  Check out these special offers for some EXCLUSIVE deals ONLY found on Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com

V2 Cigs Starter Kits– Visit our V2 Cigs Coupon Code page to get an awesome deal on V2 Cigs eCigarette starter kits, cartomizers and accessories.  V2Cigs is one of the highest rated electronic cigarette companies sold in the United states and for good reason!

Vaping Vamps Starter Kits – Visit our electronic cigarettes for women page for an exclusive discount on Vaping Vamps.  Vaping Vamps is our newest addition to VEC.  We’ve got a special offer you won’t want to pass up.  These kits are sexy and work fantastically – We know you’ll agree!  Plus, we are offering an exclusive coupon code that you can use on their already super-low priced electronic cigarettes… but don’t let the low price fool you.  These Vapor eCigs are some of the best out there.  Use the coupon code: VECCOUPON at checkout!

Also please see our ECigarette Coupon Code page for coupons on even more ecig brands like Cig2o, Green Smoke, and many others!

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Thanks for stopping by 😉

– Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin

V2 Cigs Promo Coupon Code: gjkillian

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

Use our special discount V2 Cigs coupon code and save

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V2 Cigs Starter Kits Coupon Code for ECigarettes

Posted December 11, 2012 By Admin

"Want the BEST PRICES on the BEST E-Cigarette Products?  Visit our home site at: www.Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com"

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

There are a few reasons one might want to get an eCigarette starter kit from V2 Cigs this season.  Whether a gift for yourself, someone you know or in preparation for the new year as a new years resolution.  Well in the spirit of the Holidays we at Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com would like to offer you a special deal from V2 Cigs, the leading retailer of electronic cigarettes.  This special offer entails a coupon code for V2 Cigs starter kits.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits Coupon Code for ECigarettes

V2 Cigs Coupon Code for V2Cigs eCigarette Starter Kits

As a very special gift to you we’d like to offer a special coupon code that you can use on ANY V2 Cigs Starter Kits to recieve a 15% discount off of their already low prices.  There are few vapor cigarette companies out there that we can endorse as heavily as V2Cigs.  V2 continually meets and exceeds the bar when it comes to making the perfect electronic cigarette, so without further adieu, we present you with this V2 Cigs Starter Kit coupon code and instructions on how to redeem this special offer.

Step 1:  Copy down the following coupon code, save this page to your favorites, or email it to yourself or a friend for future reference: V2 Cigs Coupon Code: vaporecig15 (Only good on V2 electronic cigarette starter kits)

Step 2:  Use this link to visit V2 Cigs and choose the best V2 Starter Kit that fits your needs.  There are a lot to choose from!

Step 3:  Use the V2Cigs coupon code: gjkillian for a discount on all your V2 cartomizers and accessories!

— Special Holiday Offers from V2 Cigs–

Right now V2 Cigs is also offering holiday specials and gift ideas including their limited holiday ecigarette starter kits! 

V2Cigs Starter Kit for Holidays - Limited Edition

check out these great gift ideas

Don’t forget to use the coupon codes:

vaporecig15 (on ecigarette starter kits) and gjkillian (on everything else including cartomizers and batteries!)

Want More eCigarette Coupon Codes?

Looking for more ways to save money on electronic cigarette starter kits and accessories from brands like Cig2O, Vapage, Green Smoke, V2Cigs and more?  Check out our eCigarette Coupon Code page and get the best savings on vapor cigarettes online!

Electronic Cigarettes for Women

Looking for vapor ecigs just for women?  We’ve created a special page just for you!  We found the two best electronic cigarettes that were specifically designed for women.  These vapor cigarettes are both classy, stylish and extremely well made products, one of them even donates to a charity that helps struggling women!  Visit our eCigarettes for Women page and check them out!

We know its been a while since we’ve updated our blog, but keep visiting as we will continue to bring you the newest news on eCigarettes and the best deals found only here!  You want the best vapor cigarette deals?  Well, we expect to give you nothing less.  Stay tuned for all the exciting happenings in the electronic cigarettes world!

– Gabriel Killian, VEC (Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com) Admin

V2 Cigs Promo Coupon Code: gjkillian

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

Use our special discount V2 Cigs coupon code and save

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"Want the BEST PRICES on the BEST E-Cigarette Products?  Visit our home site at: www.Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com"

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

ecigarette coupon codes - promo codes for electronic cigarettesThis time of year you can expect some of the best holiday sales on eCigarettes and vapor electronic cigarette cartomizers, ecig batteries and accessories.  As you may know, our objective on this site is to give you the best e-cigarette reviews and some of the best deals by providing you with eCigarette coupons and promo codes whenever we can attain them.

If you are currently a smoker and have been looking for the best electronic cigarette company or companies to go with, look no further.  Here are a few holiday deals you can get your hands on and strike while the iron is hot on these vapor ecigs deals.

 eCigarettes for Women

electronic cigarettes for womenWe’ve recently added a new section to our site featuring specialized eCigarettes for women.  We’ve found the top 2 major brands of ecigarettes that were specifically designed for women to provide both the best in vapor cigarette products AND a design with a feminine touch.  If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that is sexy, sophisticated and fashionable, these are the brands to choose from.

Check out our reviews and lineup for electronic cigarettes for women

…Psst! Don’t forget to pick up the coupon code for Vaping Vamps – You WON”T be let down!!!

ECigarette Coupons and Best Electronic Cigarette Holiday Promos

With Christmas and the Holidays right around the corner, then following is new years, if you or a loved one is wanted to quit smoking or looking for a better alternative to smoking, now is the time to take action.  There are some awesome holiday promotions with some top notch ecig companies that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

V2Cigs Starter Kit with Coupon Code

V2 Cigs is the leading brand of electronic cigarettes in both price and quality.  The best package they are offering is the V2 Couples Kit – This kit is the perfect solution is you want bang for your buck!  The couples e-cigarette starter kit, like the names suggests, gives you 2 eCigarette Starter Kits for the price you’d pay for one most other places.  Keep one for yourself and give one as a gift, or quit smoking and start vaping with you and your partner… or just keep the whole thing for yourself, you could always use extras, right?

V2Cigs E Cigarette Starter Kit with Coupon Code

Anyhow, we encourage you to check out the V2 Cigs Couples Kit and don’t forget to use our V2 Cigs Coupon Codes to save EVEN MORE on your starter kit and accessories.  We’ve been granted a special coupon code for V2 Cigs starter kits, that you’ll definitely want to use.

Use the V2 electronic cigarette coupon code: VAPORECIG15  – Only good on ecigarette starter kits

Use the V2 Coupon Codes: gjkillian or vapor-electronic-cigarettes – Good on all V2Cigs products.

Visit V2 Cigs 

Cig2o Starter Kits and Cartomizers

Cig20, a name brand in electronic cigarettes and a very popular one at that is providing a 15% offer with our Cig2o coupon code.  The Cig20 ecig starter kits come in a choice of menthol and regular tabacco flavor (but we suggest getting a chocolate or raspberry pack of cartomizers because they taste so good.)  Theses Cig2o starter kits also come with two batteries, a usb charger, a wall adapter, manual and warranty card (which they come with a 1 year warranty).  The cool part about Cig2o is that they are kr808d-1 compatible with V2Cigs and Vapage electronic cigarettes and can be found in liquor stores and smoke shops across the United States… this means you can always get a cartomizer for them if you need on in a pinch.

 To get your Cig2O discount:

Use this link to visit Vapage

Select the Cig2o products you want

Use the Cig2o Coupon Code: VSCJ15 at checkout!

Vaping Vamps eCigarettes

You may have not heard about Vaping Vamps before, but in short they are a fantastic product that creates ecigarettes with the woman in mind.  We recently tried Vaping Vamps (see our full Vaping Vamps review ) and could not be happier with their products… and yes, guys you can use these too!  They are not overly feminine, but low profile and sleek and look great in your hand.  They have a wide variety of flavors that we are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you will love!  Vaping Vamps also gives a portion of the profits to Dress for Success, a charitable organization created to help struggling women.  We highly endorse their products and know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Vaping Vamps also makes an excellent gift for the woman you love!

Vaping Vamps eCigarette Starter Kit with Coupon Code

Believe it or not, even with a perfect product, V.V.  starter kits is extremely affordable and their refill cartridges are as well.  They have  the perfect lineup of products for those who want to quit smoking to mini-starter kits, to full package ecig starter kits (we highly recommend getting the full kit, you won’t be let down).

In addition to having extremely affordable vapor cigarette starter kits, Vaping Vamps is also giving out a $5.00 off coupon, seen here first on Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com!

Vaping Vamps Coupon Code

Well, that’s it for today!

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Want reviews and coupons for electronic cigarettes?  Visit our Electronic Cigarette Reviews page or our electronic cigarette coupon codes page!

Thanks for visiting our blog and happy holidays from VEC eCigarette Reviews and Coupon Codes!

-Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin

V2 Cigs Promo Coupon Code: gjkillian

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

Use our special discount V2 Cigs coupon code and save

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"Want the BEST PRICES on the BEST E-Cigarette Products?  Visit our home site at: www.Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com"

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

As you know, today is Cyber Monday and we would not leave you hanging on all the great deals on eCigarettes.  If you’ve been wanting a vapor e cigarette starter kit, now is your time to buy!  Listed below are the best deals we could find online and we hope you take FULL advantage of them during these awesome sales!


Cyber Monday Electronic Cigarette Deals

V2 Cigs – V2Cigs is offering 25% off storewide on everything from e cigarette starter kits to refill cartomizers and more!  Get all the V2 accessories you could ever want and need and save an entire 25%  – Remeber, use coupon code: vaporecig15 for an additional 15% off all e cigarette starter kits!

 Vapor Couture – Vapor Couture is also giving out their 25% on all electronic cigarette starter kits and supplies!  Again, use coupon code vaporecig15 for 15% off all starter kits!  The sale includes everything from e-cigs to accessories.

Premium Vapor Premium Vapor Ecigs are providing a BOGO (buy one get one offer) on all vapor cigarette starter kits.  In addition, Premium Vapor is also giving 25% off eCig batteries, and 15% off cartomizers.

Vapage – Vapage is also doing the BOGO offer with their premium eCigarette starter kits!  From their regular kr808d-1 starter kits to their eGo style “Titan Vpro” models and their V-mod model e-cigarettes.  This is an awesome deal!

South Beach Smoke – South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes are giving a huge 40% discount site-wide!  This means you get everything on their site at a whopping 40% Off!

SmokeStik – SmokeStik is offering 100 cartomizers for only $199!  In addition they are featuring their exclusive holiday ecigarette the MaxxQ starter kit – Its worth checking out!

SmokeTip – SmokeTip is offering a BOGO deal on their apor electronic cigarette starter kits which was already at a super low price.

Envy Eicgs – Envy is also doing the buy-one-get-one on a variety of products including a starter kit saving you $200!

Vaping Vamps – Vaping Vamps is offering a $5 discount on their vapor cigarette starter kits  if you visit them on facebook at www.facebook.com/vapingvamps.


Green Smoke – Green Smoke is doing a 30% site-wide sale on starter packs and accessories

That’s all we have for you at the moment in the world of ecig deals on Cyber Monday.  Keep posted as we will continue to update this page as we find more awesome coupons and holiday sales!

Keep Track of the Latest Deals on E-Cigs!

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(Psst! by the way we recently did a review on a really awesome new electronic cigarette company!  Check it out!)

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All the best this holiday season! -Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin

V2 Cigs Promo Coupon Code: gjkillian

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

Use our special discount V2 Cigs coupon code and save

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"Want the BEST PRICES on the BEST E-Cigarette Products?  Visit our home site at: www.Vapor-Electronic-Cigarettes.com"

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes for Starter Kits

Premium Vapor, a highly recognized e cigarette retailer of Kr808d-1 electronic cigarettes (and now eGo style) is offering one sale with Coupon Code, and you’ll get it here first!  These super Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber-Monday sales are really HUGE!

Visit us on those days and use our link to get some seriously huge (And I mean HUGE) deals on e-cigarette starter kits AND accessories throughout Thanksgiving weekend!

Premium electronic cigarettes coupon codes

So what is the deal for Premium Vapes electronic cigarettes on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber-Monday?  Check these out:

Thankgiving:  15% Off Site-wide sale – Everything 15% off!  Use coupon code: thanks15

Black Friday:  All eCigarette starter kits are buy one get one FREE! – No coupon code needed

Cyber Monday:  -Starter kits are 50% off -All Batteries are 25% off -All Cartomizers are 15% off  – Use coupon codes:  (cyber50 – 50% off all starter kits), (cyber25 – 25% off all batteries), (cyber15 – 15% off of cartomizers)

 Check out Premium Vapes Starter Kits Here

Remember to save this page to your favorites to keep those discount promo codes and our special link handy during this sale!  Electronic cigarettes make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer and these prices are outrageously low, especially since they are already reduced (Premium is a higher end brand of ecig and is usually on the expensive end when it comes to there vapor cigarette starter kits).

Premium Vapes ecigarette Black Friday Sale

Now we really love Premium Vapes, but we usually don’t promote them as much because their starter kits are usually more expensive (although quite, QUITE nice.)  They recently reduced all their prices and on top of that added these killer coupon code sales which is quite a rarity for them.

They have also recently added their new ego model ecigarette which is extremely cool and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles  below is their basic eGo eCigarette starter kit:

Premium e cigarette starter kit Ego ecigarette

Now if you are wanting a little bit more of a sleek low-profile and artistic style, Premium Vapes also has some really cool e-cigarette designs that are sure to please.  They have a whole multitude of styles and colors.  Here is an example below:

 Premium e cigarette

Premium also offers free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.  Did you know that Premium eCigarettes are Kr808d-1 compatible?  That means that the batteries, chargers and cartomizers (aka refill cartridges) are compatible with your Cig2o batteries and cartomizers as well as your V2 Cigs batteries and cartomizers (other than their eGo series).  So if you have these vaping products, Premium Vapes are fully compatible.

So are these the only specials going on this Holiday Season?

Of course not…

If you are looking for the best brands this Holiday Season there are a multitude of eCig brands to buy at a discount.  Our favorite right now is the V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon we are currently featuring on this site as an EXCLUSIVE offer to our visitors but in addition there are a wide range of coupons and sales happening all winter long.

Check out the latest e cigarette coupon codes list on our blog (which we are always updating) or check out our E Cigarette Coupon Code page to find the seasons best e cigarette sales online.

We also wanted to mention that we’ve been trying out this new eCigarette company Vaping Vamps, an electronic cigarette company that is designed with women in mind, and will be providing a full review pretty soon.  But without going in to a full review we just want to let you know that we give them a HUGE stamp of approval!  This company is completely awesome and some of their proceeds go to a charitable organization that helps struggling women get back on their feet.  I will let the cat out of the bag and say that the flavors and the quality of their ecigs are just amazing!  We suggest both the teaberry and mango flavor refill cartridges!

Use the coupon code “Vamp5” to get $5 off their starter kits!  Visit Vaping Vamps here and tell them VEC sent ya!

So this holiday season we are providing you with discounts for Premium, Envy, V2Cigs, Cig2o, SmokeTip, Smoke Stik and last but not least Vaping Vamps (we highly encourage you to check them out and visit them on facebook too!)

We really want you to get the best deals out there on electronic cigarette products and we will continue to post new special deals whenever they arise.  We strive only to provide you with only the best premium e-cigarette companies out there and keep our finger on the vaping pulse to make sure of this.  So check back for more coupon codes and discount promo codes on the best brands available.

So save money and vape away the winter blues! – Gabriel Killian, VEC Admin

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V2 Cigs Promo Coupon Code: gjkillian

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Coupon Code gjkillian.

Use our special discount V2 Cigs coupon code and save

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