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Looking for Cig2o cartomizers, e cig batteries, starter kits and more?  Cig20 products are now available at!

Cig20 - Buy Cig2o starter kits, cartomizers and more

Simply click on the Cig2O Cartomizers Cig20 Cartridges & Accessories link and get access to all your favorite Cig2O products.

What kind of Cig2O vapor electronic cigarette products are being sold?

  • Cig2O starter kits
  • Cig2O Cartomizers (a.k.a. Cartridges)
  • Electronic cigarette batteries
  • E-Cig chargers
  • Vapor Cigarette cases
  • Portable accessories and more

Why buy Cig2O?

Cig20 is one of the worlds largest retailers in electronic vapor cigarettes, found in more local retail shops than most other e cigarette retailers.  However, Cig2O is also relatively hard to find online.

Not any more.

At you will now have instant access to a full range of Cig20 cartrdiges, starter kits and more.  You will no longer have to worry about running out of cartomizers at your local store.

We recently decided to carry this brand as it is one of our favorite and we had our own difficulties when purchasing them in the Portland, Oregon area (They were always running out of product).  From Astoria, Oregon to Milwaukie, Oregon, to Oregon City, Canby, Seaside, Portland and more… No matter where we tried to purchase replacement cartomizers for Cig20 they were always running out.

This lead us to our decision to start carrying them on our website for two reasons:

Never available in stores when we needed them

They are such a great product they were always running out

Hence now you can purchase them on our online store.  Simply visit and under the “Products” menu, select Cig2O Cartomizers and Accessories, and see our FULL line of In-Stock Cig2O Electronic Cigarette products.

Especially if you live in the following locations: 

  • Astoria
  • Seaside Oregon
  • Portland Oregon
  • Canby
  • Oregon City
  • Milwaukie
  • Clackamas

Or similair locations…

We have the product you are looking for!

See our full line of Cig2O products

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